Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A little update, Credits

Testers shown in
alphabetical order
( And yes, Alpha should
indeed be spelled 'Alpha'
and not 'Alfa'  :P )
It has been roughly two weeks since I last posted something on the blog so I thought to myself, now is as good a time as any.

The beta period has ended a week ago and I would like to thank every tester who applied for the beta and sent me feedback over the past month. Everyone who actively participated in the beta will be mentioned in the Credits section of the Manual of the application. Below is a screenshot of what the credits look like at the moment. If, for some reason, someone wants to be left out of the credits or wants their name changed, feel free to drop me an email, twitter message or better yet, reply to this blogpost. This also goes for people that have participated but that I have forgotten to put on the list. =)

Aside from this, there isn't much to say about the application. The last two weeks I have been busy cleaning up the code of the application, trying to make it run a little bit faster and smoother, changing the basic statistics of every pet so that they have different needs.

I will be making a new post shortly with more information on different versions and when the application will be released on the Android Market.

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