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Brief Description

myClassicPet is an Application that tries to emulate the old Tamagotchi keychains from the 90's. For people not familiar with these keychains; this Application houses a so-called virtual pet, which you are expected to take care of!

You will have to feed it, see it to the bathroom, give it its medicine, let is sleep, play games with it and make it work out. When your pet is old and strong enough you will be able to battle your friends and their pets over Bluetooth!

The Application currently houses 16 different pets, can you unlock them all? Download the Application now and become the strongest creature breeder in your neighborhood!

Basic information

  • Has 16 animals in total,
  • Users can battle their friends and their pets,
  • Tamagotchi style pixel graphics,
  • 7 Different mini-games,
  • Currently 852Kb (Approximately) on phone memory and 280Kb on SD card,
  • Has optional Notification Service, the service is started periodically versus running 24/7,
  • Runs in landscape mode only,
  • Has six different background colors to pick from,
  • Price for the full version is 0,99.

  1. Storage
    Save backup save files to the SD card.
  2. Network Communication
    create Bluetooth connections.
  3. Phone Calls
    Read the SDK version of the phone.
  4. System Tools
    Turn Off and On Bluetooth on your phone.
  5. Account Information
    User Accounts are used to link save files to.
  6. System Tools
    Automatically start at boot to start a periodic Notification Service
  7. Hardware Controls
    Control vibrator; used during Notifications.
  8. Network Communication
    Market license check


  1. its charging me 1.33 but whatever! awesome!

  2. will wifi battle be added later on?

  3. @Adrian

    I'm happy to hear that you think that the application is awesome!
    As for the price, did the proper price show on the market page ? if not, what region do you live in ?

    It is certainly a possibility, but not in the foreseeable future, I'm afraid.

  4. Online battles and tournaments possible in the future ?

  5. Online battles and tournaments possible in the future ?

  6. can i have the link for donwload please?thank you!

  7. Is there any free version out? Thanks

  8. Thanks Mr. Reinders for such a fun app. It looks like you may not see this at all (with the latest posts being a year ago) but you may want to know your app has a small problem with Galaxy SIII. When you exit the app either by the back button or the home button or options and save and exit it often freezes the phone for a moment and force quits or ends abruptly. No real problems saving though. Anyway, most importantly, thanks again. Hope you keep working even if on something else.