Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Another developer update

And here is yet another little blog update, detailing what has kept me busy over the past few days.

First up I would like to say that I further refined the look of the Manual, most of it now looks like the Settings menu of your phone (But with color icons instead). Rather than designing my own elaborate manual interface, I have chosen to go with the more standard Android look, this was done for two reasons; 
firstly because my understanding of the Android SDK still isn't as good as I would like it to be and secondly, this is a familiar look for android users which means that most people who are used to using android should have no trouble flipping through the manual. 
Although, if time permits, I will look into designing a custom manual interface.

Secondly, I added six background colors to the application so that users can tweak the application to their liking. I am thinking of adding more colors in the future, however at the moment I will stick to these basic six colors and see what people think of them. The colors have been well received by most beta testers, which I am glad for.

Thirdly, I added the notifications I said I was looking into last week. The notification system doesn't run full time, so people shouldn't be worried about their battery life (it is an optional feature, so you can turn it off if your phone appears to drain faster or run slower). At the moment the user is notified through an Android notification when their pet is either Hungry, Sick, Wants to go Potty or is Sleepy. ( The option is set to false by default so you do need to enable it in the Options menu ).

I have also been working on a new mini-game for the application, a dice game which will combine both skill and luck. However, because the application doesn't have a currency or item system, it is kind of hard to think of earnings for when the player wins, or losses for when the player loses.

Another thing which I have started working on is a growth-chart / evolution tree for the application, showing what pets you have had in the past and what their stats were when they evolved, so that it is easier for people to get the same pet again, if they so desire.

This is it for today's blog post, and finally, I would like to once again thank everybody who has been willing to test the application on their devices and report back their findings. These people will be mentioned in a credits section of the application when it gets released.

On that note, I still haven't thought of a release date, however I expect it to be somewhere in the middle of September.

Screenshot (manual design still subject to change)
Selecting a background color
A notification 

The in-game menu

A new look for the manual
Another look at the manual
All the colors

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