About myClassicPet

What is myClassicPet
myClassicPet is an android application which tries to capture the spirit of old Digimon style Tamagotchi's on your phone and, ofcourse, with modern technologies, tries to improve on this experience.

Why the name 'myClassicPet'
The name was one of the first things I decided on and found important to have, because a name gives the application an identity, instead of talking about 'that one app' or 'that pet app' people will be able to address it as 'myClassicPet'. The word Classic was chosen because the application tries to imitate old style Digimon and Tamagotchi games, which have acquired somewhat of a classical status in the world of toys. The word my was added to indicate that every pet is unique for each user and that every pet belongs to just one person, and that one person is you.

Why it got started
When I first bought an Android mobile device I was both surprised and shocked, I was surprised because of all the things one can do with an Android device, but I was shocked that there weren't any good Digimon like applications on the market yet. So I set out to try and create my own Digimon like application for the Android platform.