Sunday, August 14, 2011

Introducing myClassicPet, An Android Application

Firstly I would like to welcome everyone who reads this to my Blog on my Android Application called myClassicPet.

Finally the application has gone into Beta testing and I must say that I'm quite excited to hear people's opinions on the application and see how it runs on different phone models. At the moment the application is still quite low key but this will change in due time. 

At the moment, the application is still very basic in it's functions, but this will all change over time and I ask the people testing the application to have a little patience with it, and I stress a little because updates will be released in fast succession. 

So much for introductions, what is the myClassicPet application?
As a kid I loved the little Digimon Tamagotchi keychains and with the advent of smartphones and all of their functions, I thought it might be a good idea to create an application much like these old digimon tamagotchi keychains. 

At the moment, the application holds 16 different kinds of pets, most of which I won't show here yet, the application holds 8 different little mini games which help increase the stats of your pet, black and white pixel graphics, much like the old keychains and some other small functions I won't post about just yet.

People who would like to test the application can send me an email and I will send them a download link to the Beta package.

Basic information
  • Has 16 animals in total
  • Tamagotchi style pixel graphics
  • 8 Different minigames
  • Around 750Kb in size
  • Runs no background services
  • Runs in landscape mode only
  • This being a Beta, animals will die after reaching the age of 10
  • Has no Widget support as of yet
  1. Storage
    Save backup save files to the SD card.
  2. Network Communication
    create Bluetooth connections.
  3. Phone Calls
    Read the SDK version of the phone.
  4. System Tools
    Turn Off and On Bluetooth on your phone.
  5. Account information
    User Accounts are used to link save files to.
The pet sleeping

The pet taking a poop
The pet running on a tredmill


  1. Hey can you please make ths app free comes out ? Would love it <3

  2. First off I would like to thank you for joining my blog!

    The application will have a free and paid version when it gets released, both will have the same basic features, but the paid version will have little extra perks such as changing the background color and such, which will, over time, all be integrated in the free version. I hope that this will suit your tastes?

    If you would like to try out the application in its current form you can always apply for the beta, there is always room for another person!

  3. Yea sure i can be beta tester but how does it work ? Are u gonna sen me the apk file or something ? I had an tamagotchi when i were a little kid i used it all teh time but another guy stole it and never gave it back :-( love this game i'll.make an facebook and homeeoage for ya if u want ?

  4. if your looking for testers I am down!! this app sounds like it would be super legit. i remember back in elementary school battling other students with our digimon during recess or spending day and night trying to get the best digimon. Ill be sure to send you an email ASAP so we can get this app rolling.

  5. i've now made an facebook page for the game :

  6. @Hoot Jenkins
    I'll be awaiting your email :)

    Took a look at the facebook page and it looks pretty nice!

  7. hey MCP can ya answer if you like my things ive made ? ive updated the facebook page ! :)

  8. When is the free version will come out? Im a digimon lover and i hope i can play this in my android. Thanks.