Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Some more information on the next update

I thought I'd shed a little more light on the next update I am working on. As you may have already read in my previous post, I am working on adding a Colosseum to the application, however, aside from this there will be a few other changes as well. These are minor chances to aesthetics of the application and the way some things work, but I thought I would list them up and post them anyway.

At the time of writing this post, I have implemented the following small changes to the application thus far:

  • Changed the animations in the Def and Atk training mini-games,
  • Made it so that if your pet runs a lot of 'laps' on the treadmill, he will lose more weight than normal,
  • Balanced some of the higher level pets and made them harder to 'get',
  • Made the higher level pets less needy, as they are adults, they are expected to control their 'urges'.
Not a very long list of changes, I admit, but more changes will be added as needed later on. Although I said I wanted to keep the blog for smaller posts, I feel that I have something to make up because of the long period of radio silence after the initial release of the application.


  1. Thanks for the update, so far everything looks great. Exactly the changes that have been asked for.

  2. hello,

    i have a motorola defy and bought this game but on my defy the graphics are messed up and do not look like the pics on your site at all, is there going to be a solution for this? because like this it is unplayable. please answer. thanks.

  3. @DerKrieger
    I hope you enjoy it when I get around to releasing it

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with the application on the Motorola Defy. If possible I would like to ask you to email (myclassicpet@gmail.com) me about this matter, because I find these comments a little clumsy to communicate when trying to pinpoint the source of a bug. Also, if possible I would like to ask you if you could send me a picture of how the application looks on your device.

  4. Did you give up? Id really like to see the colisseum. I love this retro digivice app.

  5. Although updates have been scarce over the past few weeks, I haven't given up on this application. I have just hit a roadblock in creating the coliseum, couldn't really think of a nice reward for clearing matches...

  6. I just downloaded this game and it's so cool.

    One minor thing: i have a xperia arc and the pixels are too big in my opinion. It would be great if you could adjust the screen size... but it's ok

    one bigger question: when should i praise/scold my pet!? :-/ i don't quite get it

  7. and another post from me (i forgot to login)
    did you already choose names for the pets?

    i really want to know if the second stage "worm thing" has one eye or what does it represent :) also the "adults" the skull whatever

  8. You can scold / praise your pet whenever you want to adjust its Karma and Happiness parameters.

    As for the pixels, I have been hearing this a lot over the past few weeks. I hope to add better density support for the application in the future, however at the moment I am a little busy with other things, but I will try and support the application as best as I can.

    And I haven't thought of names yet for the pets, sadly. The worm thingy, does indeed have one eye. I posted a few higher-resolution drawings of some pets on my twitter feed, if you would like to check it out. Although I still think that filling in these kinds of blanks with your imagination is part of what made Tamagotchi's so great, I guess that some more clarity wouldn't be a bad thing.

    And Lastly I would like to thank everyone for supporting me and the application

  9. I think you should work with the guys from DMPC. :D

  10. Here's the link,

  11. Hi,

    i just have some more questions (sorry but i can't find your email adress)

    1) is there any "reset" or "stop" possibility? I just have (once again) the octopus Monster and i want to reset it :-/ also it would be nice that you can stop the pet (like removing the batteries from the old Tamagotchis)

    2) i do not know if this is a bug but the sleeping time of the monsters annoy me. Yesterday my One-Eyed-Worm wanted to sleep at lunchtime....till 3pm... than when i got to bed at 10 pm it was still awake...does the monsters have regular sleeping time?
    Also it is annoying that they looses bars from Hunger/Happyness this fast when sleeping. On Saturday it beeped at 1:00 am because of Hunger. With the old Tamas this didn't happen....

  12. Hey mate, it's me, Nexer, if you still remember. Great app, purchased it, and saw my name in the beta testers section :) I'd like to talk to you on mail about a thing that i want to ask you, since i can't say it in public :)

  13. Hi mate. im loving this app its fantastic. But one thing thats getting to me is how am i supposed to evolve it to 5th gen. its stats are all 800+ and its evo bars have been flashing for ages and it weighs 101kg and always happy. How do i make it evolve :(

  14. @Nexer, of course I remember, I will send you an email soon!

    Statistics for evolving to the fifth generation are a little specific, not only the battle stats ( str, def, spd and hp ) matter, but also Karma, Happiness, Weight and in some cases sleepiness. I would be happy to give you the stats that your pet needs to have to evolve, but I would need to know what kind of pet you have.

  15. Hi I m one of the digimon vpet maniac. I just bought your app. It was great and nostalgic. I love it haha but I would like to know the stat requirement to get each unique pet. Is it possible to get it from this blogspot?

  16. I think this app is fantastic but it would definitely benefit from the coliseum update, is this going to be released in the near future? In terms of rewards perhaps you could offer special food that increases stats on a temporary basis or an update to the evolution chart that shows how you get certain pets?

    Just an idea but keep up the good work, even if there were no rewards I think the coliseum would be a fantastic addition!

  17. So given the lack of updates or information can we assume that this app is dead?

    Is anything happening with it at all?

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  19. Soooo.. I'm thinking about buying this app but I'd like to know if there will still be some updates coming? Like adding online battles.

  20. Is this app dead?..I didnt see any uptades since..a lot of time. And i have a question. I am at 4th generation and my evolve meter has been flashing for almost 2 says. I have my stats 4000-3500 all ..and my karma and happyness and health are always full...So why it doenst evolve¿o.o

    My pet is the one with the magic wand (.or thats what i imagine xD )

  21. I am having the same problem as the Anonymous state above mines.

  22. The concept of this game is blowing my mind! I have been looking for something like it for some time...

    I will buy it the next time it is updated. Don't want to purchase deadware.